FULTON Classic Communities
For nearly 40 years, you've heard about Legendary Fulton Quality. In fact, Fulton Homes has built over 30,000 homes right here in the Valley. Whether it's the abundance of green spaces or the inspired home designs, anyone can see the difference in a Fulton Homes neighborhood. In fact, we encourage you to drive through any of our older communities to see how well your investment will stand the test of time: after 5, 10 or even 20 years. There's a reason other builders don't invite you to their older communities. But the closer you look, the more obvious the difference becomes. It will give you a whole new perspective on the type of home and community you're buying.
Use the map below to find a classic Fulton community near you, then come visit us one of our active communities to see how we're still building homes that stand the test of time. You'll understand why we say - You're Proud To Own, We're Proud to Build .
= 0-5 Years Old
= 5+ Years Old
= 10+ Years Old
= 15+ Years Old
= 20+ Years Old
= 25+ Years Old
= 30+ Years Old
= Active Community