The Fulton Way
For over 40 years, Fulton Homes has been proudly building homes and award-winning masterplan communities in the Valley of the Sun. During this time, we have seen good markets, bad markets and everything in between. Through it all, Fulton Homes has always stood by our homes, customers and communities. Legendary Fulton Quality isn't just some slogan, it is embedded into everything we do, from choosing our locations to laying out our communities and designing our homes.

The housing market today can be daunting, but our commitment to help you realize the dream of homeownership remains steadfast. Our team of professional associates, designers and lenders are here for one purpose. . . To serve you and your family!

Contact Fulton Homes today. We won't spam you or harass you! No high-pressure sales tactics, no call-centers, no AI chat bots! Just real people helping you find the right home for your family.

Why Fulton Homes is different. . .

Special Offers, Financing & Flexible Terms

Our inventory, pricing and incentives are always changing. While we try to keep our online listings up to date, we have many limited time-offers that we simply cannot post online. This includes pricing concessions, interest rate buydowns and negotiated settlement fees. Many of these deals are gone before we can advertise them.
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Decision Guide

Our exclusive Decision Guide is designed to help homebuyers cut through the noise and make an informed choice. With 16+ questions to ask every homebuilder, the Decision Guide is your free tool to put you in the driver's seat and keep you ahead of high-pressure sales tactics. We are confident that once you understand the difference, you'll agree nothing matches the value of a Fulton Home.
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Better Financing Options

Interest rates and financing are certainly a challenge in today's market. While some builders offer eye-popping teaser or introductory rates, be warned that many of these advertised rates are temporary and buyers are often left with much higher long-term rates. At Fulton Homes, our advertised interest rate buydown programs are always for a full 30-year fixed loan, so you can be assured of long-term affordability. Plus, Fulton Homes has not one, but three preferred lenders competing for your business. The result is more choices, more flexibility and easier financing.
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Visit Our Old Communities

What kind of builder wants you to visit their older, closed-out communities? Fulton Homes does. In 40 years, we've built over 30,000 homes and dozens of exciting communities throughout Phoenix metro area. We're proud of each and every one. We're so proud, we'll send you a map so you can visit a Fulton Homes community near you. See communities from 5, 10, 20 even 30 years ago! We're confident you'll notice how Legendary Fulton Quality protects your home's value over the long term.
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The Largest Design Center in Arizona

In today's price sensitive market, many builders are moving away from choice and personalization. Many new home design centers have shuttered or been drastically reduced in size. Cookie cutter homes and limited buyer choice have become the norm. However, at Fulton Homes, we know your dream home contains the little touches that make it your own. It's why we continue to operate the largest new-home design center in Arizona, featuring hundreds of design options. And, while most builders only open their design studios to contracted buyers, we're so proud of the Fulton Homes Design Center we open it to the public twice every month! Sign up to attend one of our Design Center Browse Nights and see why with Fulton Homes your dream home can be a reality.
Attend a Fulton Homes Design Center Browse Night.
Attend a Fulton Homes Design Center Browse Night

Inspired Communities and Lifestyle

Any builder can sell you a house. But is that house in a thriving area, close to shopping, great schools and amenities? As the largest private homebuilder/developer in Arizona, Fulton Homes is uniquely capable of creating the best masterplan communities. More than just a homebuilder, we develop each Fulton community with careful attention to the surrounding area, seamlessly incorporating city planning, commercial & retail. Within our communities, you will find ample greenspace, trails, huge aquatic centers, splash pads, playgrounds and community centers. You will find ramadas, BBQ areas, basketball & pickleball courts, sand volleyball and more! Our award-winning HOAs offer fantastic resident experiences, incorporating social and lifestyle aspects into community life.
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