Fulton Homes Raises the Bar on Energy Efficiency

Fulton Homes is proud to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading builders for efficient and material science. Fulton Homes was an early adopter and continues to be a leader in Energy Star, Indoor AirPLUS and WaterSense certified homes. Now, Fulton Homes raises the bar again on energy efficiency and comfort with Zero Energy Ready Homes.

What is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home?
The Zero Energy Ready Label is a symbol of excellence for energy savings, comfort, health, quality and durability met by a select group of leading builders meeting U.S. Department of Energy Guidelines.

A Zero Energy Ready Home is a high-performance home so energy efficient, all or most annual energy consumption can be offset with renewable energy. In other words, it is the home of the future.

Fulton Homes Zero Energy Ready Homes Include:

  • Encapsulated attic space (Foam Insulation)
    • Reduces air leaks, humidity and heat transfer.
    • Conditioning the attic space reduces extreme hot/cold conditions protecting HVAC unit and duct work while increasing unit performance.
    • An overall increase in homeowner comfort and reducing utility cost.
  • Water Efficiency (Tankless Water Heater)
    • Ultra high efficiency gas water heater.
    • Premium condensing unit captures and reuses the residual exhaust heat increasing unit efficiency in the area of 98%.
    • Achieves greater fuel efficiency, a significant source long term savings.
  • Photovoltaic PV Ready (Solar Ready)
    • Home will be designed to accommodate the future installation of solar panels and equipment after construction is complete.
    • Preplumb for solar will include a conduit from the attic access to the electric service panel along with leaving space in the electric panel for future 50 amp breaker.
  • Standard 310 (HVAC installation & performance testing)
    • Independent rater verification of HVAC system.
    • Verification ensures and checks: HVAC design, total duct leakage, blower fan airflow, blower fan watt draw and refrigerant charge.